Wintering Super Purissimeau - no foam - 5L

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Why use Wintering Super liquid

Wintering Super is a product that prevents the formation of algae and limescale deposits during the winter. This product should be used when the water temperature is below 16°C. Wintering Super is compatible with all types of pool treatments, linings, and filtering systems. It is guaranteed free of copper sulfate, EDTA, and polyphosphates.

Advantages :

  • Concentrated winterization;
  • Non-foaming product;
  • Product made in France.

Usage Advice

  • Dosage: 500 to 700 mL for 10 m³;
  • In the spring, discover the pool as soon as the weather is nice and start the normal treatment again.


  • Use biocides with care;
  • Read the label and product information before use;
  • The photos and colors of the products are not contractual.

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