ALKA+ (powder) - 5lb

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Why use ALKA+

ALKA+ (also known under the TAC+ denomination) helps to stabilize the chemical reactions of water between products (eg: acid/base balance).

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How it works

Thealkalinity is a measure that tells you the number of mineral salts present in the water in your pond. The alkalinity of water determines the "buffering" power of water. An ideal rate makes it possible to stabilize the chemical reactions between the maintenance products and the water in your swimming pool. By releasing it into the water, our ALKA+ will increase the alkalinity of your water without adding unwanted chemicals.



Main advantages

  • HighALKA+ concentration ;
  • Quality/price ratio;
  • High gradeALKA+ quality ;
  • Treatment efficiency;
  • No residue.

Usage advice

  • Check if pH is between 7.2 and 7.6;
  • Activate the filtration of your swimming pool;
  • Dilute theALKA+ in a bucket of water;
  • Incorporate the mixture of water andALKA+ in your swimming pool.


  • Ideal concentration: between 80 and 150ppm and preferably close to 150ppm;
  • Go gradually and never overtake 1.1 lb of ALKA+ for 264.17US gal lqd of water in one time;
  • Be careful, increasing alkalinity will equally increase pH. Lower is the alkalinity concentration, more the pH concentration gonna reduce fast when adding acidity (pH+).;
  • Too much alkalinity can cause milk water and tartar deposits.

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