TH+ (powder) - 10lb

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Why use TH+

TH+ increases the hardness of your swimming pool water (the concentration of calcium and magnesium present in the water in the form of ions). A good level of TH helps decrease corrosion, improves pH stability, and reduces lime deposits.

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How it works

By being released in contact with your swimming pool water, iopool's TH+ releases calcium and magnesium ions, increasing the hardness of the water.


Main advantages

  • High TH+ concentration;
  • High-grade quality TH+;
  • A small amount of dust;
  • Fast efficiency.

Usage advice

  • Activate the filtration of your swimming pool;
  • Dilute the TH+ in a bucket of water;
  • Incorporate the mixture of water and TH+ in your swimming pool.


  • Too low a TH can damage the liner and the plastic elements of the swimming pool;
  • Too high a TH can cause lime deposits to form on the waterline, the filtration system, and your equipment.

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