SunnyTent - Round - Pool dome and pool heater

Size: M

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Every SunnyTent is supplied complete with all required installation materials. Everything is in one box. The prices quoted include shipping costs.

Check our size chart to properly choose the size of your SunnyTent.

Product features

  • Complete set for soft surfaces (no additional accessories required).
  • Strong/thick tent foil; made from three-layer PE film (fused). This foil is also used in professional horticulture throughout Europe. The foil can withstand reasonably rough handling, is very durable and sun resistant.
  • 7 sturdy, slightly flexible 12.7 mm fiberglass pole sets. Each pole set consists of 9 pole parts, 8 short connectors, and 2 long connectors.
  • Compact to store (in the original box; dimensions can be found under the additional information tab)
  • All fastening materials must be fixed securely on the ground. If you want to install your SunnyTent on a hard surface, you should buy the kit for a hard surface.
  • By popular demand, the pole tunnels of the SunnyTent are now white.
  • It is possible for 1 person to partially open this tent, (approx. 1 minute). To fully fold down (open) and then pull it up again (close), two adults are required (approximately 1 minute).

Box Contents 

  • 1 x tent foil
  • 7 x 9 pole parts
  • 7 x 8 short connectors
  • 7 x 2 long connectors
  • 2 anchors with hinges
  • 6 twist pegs
  • 6 locking pegs
  • 1 guy line
  • 1 eyelet peg

What can this SunnyTent be used for?

The SunnyTent Round M is suitable for covering small to medium-sized swimming pools (round, square or rectangular). In addition, the SunnyTent M is suitable for covering sandboxes, vegetable gardens, and in-ground trampolines.
If you also want to use this SunnyTent in winter, we recommend that you purchase a corresponding cross pole set and read all manuals carefully.

Product dimensions

The SunnyTent Round M has a diameter on the ground of approx. 4.40 m and a top height of approx. 2.20 m.
Setting up this SunnyTent will take 2 people about 1 hour.
See which size SunnyTent is suitable for you, using our size chart.


The complete set is supplied in one box.


  • Duration: approx. 1 hour with 2 people
  • Requirements: hammer and measuring tape


This SunnyTent comes with a 2-year full warranty on all parts.

The SunnyTent on a hard surface

This is a complete set ready for installation on a soft surface. Discover the possibilities for installing a SunnyTent on paved or other hard surfaces.

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