SunnyTent - Cross Pole Set for above-ground pools

Size: Single CPS Size M

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The cross pole set gives your Round SunnyTent extra strength. Do you want to keep your SunnyTent installed over winter too? The cross-pole set offers extra strength in light snowfall and freezing rain.

The round SunnyTent in the wind

Due to its shape, the round SunnyTent is resistant to relatively strong winds. The cross pole set is therefore usually not necessary for the SunnyTent Round M and L. However, its use is recommended when the SunnyTent is in a windy place / exposed location.

A single or double cross-pole set

The SunnyTent Round XL is equipped with a double-cross pole set as standard. For the other round SunnyTents (sizes M and L), the cross pole set is optional; a single or double cross pole set can be chosen depending on the size of your tent. For the SunnyTent Round M, a single cross pole set is usually sufficient for extra strength. For the SunnyTent Round L, a double-cross pole set is especially recommended when the SunnyTent is in a windy/open location.

Box Contents

The cross pole set is supplied in one box containing:
Single Cross Pole set:
  • 1 pole set (fiberglass);
  • 1 hose (plastic);
  • 2 ground tubes (metal);
  • 2 single connection pins (metal).

Double Cross Pole set:

  • 2 pole sets (fiberglass);
  • 2 hoses (plastic);
  • 2 ground metal tubes;
  • 2 double connection pins (metal);
  • 2 connection clips (plastic).

Extra points of attention

  • The SunnyTent cannot withstand all wind strengths and moderate or large amounts of snow and freezing rain, even with a cross pole set. But it does provide the SunnyTent additional strength against the stronger wind, light snow, or black ice than a tent without a cross pole set.;
  • Please note that after installing the cross-pole set, opening and closing your SunnyTent is a bit more difficult.;
  • The cross pole set can also be used with older SunnyTents and on hard surfaces.

The installation time is approximately 30 minutes. All our products come with a 2-year full warranty.


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