Sealer - Seals leaks from swimming pools and spas

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SEALER is a product specially formulated to seal leaks from swimming pools, spas, hot tubs, wells, pipes, etc.

It acts as a corrosion inhibitor agent and does not damage the inside of your pool. The product is also free from metals. 

Moreover, SEALER can be applied on ANY material: paint, fiberglass, liner, acrylic, etc. It works also well with PVC, ABS, Vulcathen, Copper, and Steel. 


  • Packaging: 1L bottle. 
  • Appearance: White and viscous liquid
  • Density at 20 °C: 1,383 - 1,396 gr/cm³
  • PH at 20 °C : 11 - 11,5
  • Yield: 1L SEALER per 80 m³ of water

How to use it?

  • Completely fill the pool, spa;
  • For pools with a flint or diatom filter, put the filter system valve in the “recirculation”. For pools with other types of filters, it is recommended to remove the filter elements or to bypass the filter before adding;
  • ALWAYS shake the bottle before;
  • Set the filtration system on the mark and slowly add the recommended dose by the skimmers or, in overflowing pools, directly to the pool near the impulsion nozzles to facilitate the homogenization of the product;
  • The product is very dense and has a tendency to settle quickly to the bottom of the pool. To avoid this, it is recommended to remove the area where it has been deposited using a brush;
  • Adjust the valves of the filtration system to concentrate the suction from the sump (swimming pools with skimmers). Keep the filtration system running - recirculation position until the crack(s) have been sealed, and no water is leaking. A minimum of 24-48 hrs is estimated;
  • Mark the water level of the pool, spa, Verify for 2 or 3 days that the water level does not drop, thus checking its repair;
  • Once the crack (s) have disappeared put the filtration system in the “filtration” position (after reinstalling the filter elements that were removed during the repair of the leak);
  • The treatment can be repeated if a total repair of the fissure (s) has not been achieved.


  • If you use more than 5 L of product per 80 m³, it is recommended to change the water before using your pool again;
  • Keep the bottle upright.

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