pH+ (powder) - 5kg

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Why use pH+

The pH + increases the basicity of your swimming pool water. A good pH level helps reduce corrosion, optimizes the effectiveness of disinfection products, and makes the water less aggressive on the skin and eyes.

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How it works

The pH indicates a concentration of hydrogen ions. High pH is poor in hydrogen ions. By being released into the water of your swimming pool, the pH + of iopool decreases the concentration of hydrogen ions and increases the basicity of your pH.

Lien Wikipedia.

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Main advantages

  • High pH+ concentration;
  • High pH+ grade quality;
  • Ease of dissolution;
  • Speed of action;
  • Treatment efficiency;
  • A small amount of dust.

Usage advice

  • Activate the filtration of your swimming pool;
  • Dilute the pH+ in a bucket of water;
  • Incorporate the mixture of water and pH+ in your swimming pool.


  • Stabilize your pH before any disinfection treatment (chlorine and active oxygen);
  • pH modifiers are corrosive products that must be handled with precaution and do not spill on natural stones, clothing, and bare skin;
  • In case of very acidic water, correct it over several days.

Customer Reviews

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Krimo Lauratet
Ph+ 5kg

Livraison ok rapide bon produit

Christophe Laborie

Vert golf product

Yannick Barbin

Super efficace

David baudart

Pour le moment lĂ  sonde fonctionne j'espĂšre comme sur le forum ne plus devoir a la changer comme une personne c'est la troisiĂšme sonde

Tim Legros
Produits au top

Produits d'excellentes qualités en grande quantité

Sandrine Monzo

pH+ (powder) - 5 kg

Jean-Marc Devillet

Je l'ai reçu ce matin !!!! 1er ou 2Úme envoi, je ne sais pas !!!!

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