Green Water - XL pack - for pools bigger than 20m³

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This pack contains the necessary products for the treatment of green water for pools using a sand filter with a volume greater than 20m³.

This pack contains:

  • 5 kg of shock chlorine - to kill living organisms and algae;
  • 1 kg of clarifications socks - to clear the water once the algae particles are in suspension;
  • 50 iopool test strips - to check your calco-carbonic balance.

More info

More info on shock chlorine.

More info on clarifications socks.

More info on test strips.


  • Please note that this pack is only suitable for pools with a sand filter;
  • Use biocidal products with care. Read the label and product information before use;
  • Authorization number n°: 2111 B;
  • This product is intended for the French market only.

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