Epoxy Stick - Permanent repairs and restorations for any materials

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Why use Epoxy Stick

Two-component moldable epoxy putty, specially designed for permanent repairs and restorations of any materials. 

It repairs and seals leaks, pits, and cracks in pipes, water heaters, ventilation channels, gutters, and storage tanks. 

The product works with any material, from PVC, ABS, copper, steel to wood, ceramic, tiles, or clay. 

Main advantages

  • Easy to shape and to use. No need for tools;
  • Adheres to almost any material;
  • Adheres to damp surfaces;
  • Chemical and water-resistant; 
  • Free of metals; 
  • Once hardened, can be drilled, sawed, sanded, and painted. 


  • Weight: 114 gr;
  • Colour: Grey;
  • Hardening time: 5 min. 

Usage advice

  • Cut the required amount from the stick;
  • Knead the cut piece until it forms a homogeneous grey mass;
  • Apply within 2 minutes after kneading;
  • Press the product until it hardens;
  • Fingerprints can be removed before hardening by rubbing them with water or a damp cloth;
  • Once hardened, it can be drilled, sawed, sanded, and painted. 

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