Bromine Tabs (20g tablet) - 1kg

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Why use bromine

Bromine is a product that helps maintain the concentration of sanitizing agents in your spa water. It eliminates microbes, bacteria, and algae... Ideal for spas because, unlike chlorine, it does not lose efficiency at high temperatures.

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How it works

When it comes into contact with your pool water, bromine is released and degrades organic matter, disinfecting your spa.

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Main advantages

  • High bromine concentration;
  • High bromine grade quality;
  • Fast efficiency;
  • Quality/price ratio.

Usage advice

  • Activate the filtration of your spa;
  • Check that the pH level is between 7 and 7.5;
  • Put the pebbles into your brominator.


  • Needs to be broadcast in a brominator;
  • Bromine is a very corrosive product, handle it with care.

Customer Reviews

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Julien Parisot

J’ai acheté le brome pour mon spa, c’est un produit de très bonne qualité!

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