pH- (powder) - 5kg

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Why use pH-

The pH- reduces the basicity of your swimming pool water. A good pH level helps to decrease corrosion, optimizes the effectiveness of disinfection products, and makes the water less aggressive for the skin and the eyes.

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Main advantages

  • High pH- concentration;
  • High pH- grade quality;
  • Ease of dissolution;
  • Speed of action;
  • Treatment efficiency;
  • A small amount of dust.

How it works

The pH indicates a concentration of hydrogen ions. High pH is poor in hydrogen ions. By being released into the water of your swimming pool, the pH + of iopool increase the concentration of hydrogen ions and decreases the basicity of your pH.


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Usage advice

  • Activate the filtration of your swimming pool;
  • Dilute the pH- in a bucket of water;
  • Incorporate the mixture of water and pH- in your swimming pool.


  • Stabilize your pH before any disinfection treatment (chlorine and active oxygen);
  • pH modifiers are corrosive products that must be handled with precaution and do not spill on natural stones, clothing, and bare skin;
  • In case of very acidic water, correct it over several days.

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