Chlorine Tabs (125g tablet) - 1kg

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Why use slow chlorine

Slow chlorine keeps the necessary chlorine concentration for permanent water disinfection and prevents the development of algae.

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How it works

When it comes into contact with your swimming pool water, chlorine is released and creates sub-components:

  • active chlorine whose disinfectant effects are active;
  • potential chlorine, the disinfectant potential of which will gradually be released over time and will therefore be transformed into active chlorine;
  • chloramine, produced during the degradation of organic matter by chlorine.

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Main advantages

  • High chlorine concentration;
  • High chlorine grade quality;
  • Dissolves well;
  • Quality/price ratio;
  • Treatment efficiency;
  • Good friability.

Usage advice

  • Check if pH is between 7.2 and 7.6;
  • Clean the skimmer of all impurities;
  • Place the chlorine pebbles in the skimmer;
  • Activate water filtration.


  • Place chlorine pebble's inside the skimmer or in a floating diffuser;
  • DON'T put in direct touch with the swimming pool liner to avoid decoloration;
  • Use biocidal products with care. Read the label and product information before use.;
  • Authorization number n°2011 B;
  • This product is intended for the French market only.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews


Sebastien Blanchard
Je recommande

Produit de très bonne qualité

Gregory Lurel
Super chlore lent

Indispensable super produit qui est de qualité

Christophe rioblanc

Après avoir terminé les galets que j'utilisais habituellement et qui fonctionnaient à merveille, j'ai voulu utiliser les galets recommandés par la sonde et l'application.
Malheureusement l'eau a rapidement tournée et je n'arrive pas à la rattraper, je vais devoir de nouveau acheter les autres galets et garder mes 5kg de galets iopool sur les bras. Je suis très déçu car l'idée et le système sont ingénieux...

ORLAT Philippe


chlore lent

indispensable et produit de qualité. Je recommande

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